19th March 2019

The Most Unique Cryptos So Far

There are plenty of cryptocurrencies that are household names or that you have likely heard of if you have read anything about crypto. These include cryptos […]
19th March 2019

A Guide to the Major Cryptocurrencies

There are thousands of different cryptocurrencies in circulation. Some are ‘currency’ cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin that are intended as an alternative to fiat currencies. Others […]
19th March 2019

Future of Cryptos

Will the Markets Rebound? From a high of above $19,000, twelve months ago, to a low of $3,000 today, Bitcoin, which is the world largest crypto, […]
19th March 2019

What is Hard Fork

If you have been into cryptos for long, it is highly likely that you have come across clones of major cryptocurrencies. For instance, Bitcoin clones include […]
19th March 2019

Different Kinds of Cryptocurrencies

Not every currency is cut from the same cloth. There are differences between the blockchain technology they use and their intended use case. There are currently, […]
19th April 2019


Introduction Crypto CFD trading is the trading of cryptocurrencies on a forex/CFD broker platform.  Contract for Difference (CFD) trading allows a trader to speculate on rising […]
22nd April 2019

Get to Know These Top Anonymous Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is an excellent step toward the future of currency, but there are some privacy concerns. There is a lack of anonymity with Bitcoin, which many […]